IPS, high hype in hyperspace !

Interstellar Parcel Service is a transport company of Corellian origin. A merry group of fellows, who all earned their stripes by doing dangerous deliveries for not always reputable traders, decided to band together and offer the galaxy a high quality service for a price.
Today, the company has grown away from its picaresque debut, and focuses now on providing stable and regular transports for all, along the main hyperspace trade lanes. No more fancy runs, we swear.


We can provide transport for raw materials, vehicles, troops or ships of any types ! We can also cater to the needs of those precious people that are too far away from your business hub, or transport your fragile items with great care.

Just go on our  calculator for an instant quote.

The transport of largest ships is reserved for our dear friends or IPSvalue Members, as is the construction of banks and casinos. We can however manage yours for a 2% fee, 1% for our long-term customers.

We do offer work for freelancers, if they want to take advantage of our exclusive IPS EasyShare® network of transporter’s schedules. We do not use slavery, we use salary instead.



IPS does not condone the use of drugs. IPS is supporting the use of milk instead : drink your milk everyday !