Coming to your neighbourhood Soon(TM), the IPS Caravan !

Interstellar Parcel Service proudly presents : the IPS Caravan ! Coming from the Cerean Quadrant, three ships will converge on the Bright Jewel system, bringings goods and tourists.

You have stuff to transport in the vicinity of a caravan ? Then order today, and get a MIGHTY 50% discount on your quote !!!

Fine prints

  • we will be transporting people, droids and items only, using C3-Liners or Action VI.
  • the steps are indicative, we will load anything in the vicinity.
  • all trips start from Riflorii (-90,-300). 

Long Trip : leaving on D222, steps at Spindrift (90,-440), Santarine (161,-315), Tatoo (296,-248), Bootana Hutta (353,34), Moobia (281,73), Gordian Reach (214,304) and Bright Jewel (-5,185). 

Short Trip : leaving on D226, steps at Dairka (205,-170), Taanab (150,135), Asher (122,302), Ansion (-120,230) and Bright Jewel (-5,185). 

Last Chance Trip : leaving on D245, steps at Murk (-195,-256), Mecrosa Hub (I LOVE YOU DAC ! ) (-80,-80), Xyquine (42,-6), Asrat (110,153) and Bright Jewel (-5,185). 

DM Ashura Harma for a quote. Prices starts around 100k per item or droid, or 100k for a squad of NPC.